An evening for people from different industries, founders, venture capitalists and young professionals.

Connect, grow, have fun, and make an impact with likeminded people.

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Late@TEG is here to connect. Accompanied by flying buffet, drinks and music, we set the scene for networking, crafting, shaping and innovating.

Get in touch with a small group of people from different industries, founders and venture capitalists.

Sounds like a good evening to be spent? Join our guest list and save a place at one of our late@TEG events.

Connecting you with the right people. TEG provides an extensive network of students, venture capitalists, consulting firms, science, and founders.

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Welcome to Munich

Think Munich is old school? Think again.
Munich has one of the biggest start up scenes in Germany. Flourishing in technology, innovation and young spirit, the city is advancing at a pace rarely seen elsewhere.
The nitty gritty

So how does late@TEG work?
Once you joined our guest waiting list you will receive an invitation for our next dinner with details on location, date and time. Does that mean you have to be available all day, every day? No, our dinners are every month with the next one coming up very soon (see below).

At out dinners we try and be as relaxed as possible. That means it should be and feel just like a chill out on a nice sunny evening with friends, talking about opportunities, life and having fun. If you have any questions, there is a FAQ on this page and please feel free to contact us!

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