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We are a team of over 30 members

15 & you?

We have enabled over 15 founders to create their own startup


Founded in 1986 we are the first ever founded startup club in Germany

In 1986, four students founded TEG with the aim of bringing the topic of venture capital and entrepreneurship to universities.
Two of them, Holger Wolff and Volker Maiborn, founded their own startup following their activities at TEG.

Today, MaibornWolff is an established IT service provider with over 600 employees.
Numerous alumni of the association have followed suit and built successful startups of their own.

What you can expect at TEG
  • Access to a network of over 300 alumni and entrepreneurs
  • Talented peers and potential co-founders
  • Support for your ideas through association resources
  • Direct connections to successful entrepreneurs, companies and investors
  • Exclusive insights into emerging startups and industries
    Access to our office directly at the English Garden
What you bring to the table
  • You are studying at a university in Munich
  • You are passionate about entrepreneurship and startups
  • You can imagine founding your own company or have already done so
  • You are ready to take responsibility and support the association
Voices from within

"Being an entrepreneur means taking on responsibility. TEG gives students the opportunity to implement their own ideas and grow with these challenges."

Roland Berger


“Student associations like TEG are an essential component for the startup ecosystem. They bring like-minded people together and are triggers for creativity, innovation and courage for entrepreneurship.”

Adrian Kapsalis


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