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TEG was founded in 1986 and is thus the first student initiative in Germany dealing with the topics of startups, entrepreneurship and venture capital.

We bring together students interested in these topics and thus promote the creation of new startups.
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We are a team of over 30 members

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We have enabled over 15 founders to create their own startup


Founded in 1986 we are the first ever founded startup club in Germany

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“TEG helped me get to know my current founding partners. Especially in the first weeks after founding, the feedback and perspectives of the TEG team were particularly helpful.”

Leon Froschauer

Co-Founder erimed
LMU Graduate

“TEG was the perfect opportunity for me to immerse myself in the topic of entrepreneurship. In addition to methodological knowledge and new skills, I met great people with whom I still work and am friends with today.”

Vincent Jeltsch

Co-Founder Swapd
CDTM & TUM Graduate

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