7 Questions with Benedikt Hetz x TEG

Today, we are interviewing Benedikt Hetz, who serves as a an Advisory Board Member. Benedikt is currently studying Business Administration at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and became part of TEG in June 2022.

Discover his intriguing responses and experiences at TEG below!

[Alex W. (Team Member of the Marketing Department) interviewing Benedikt H. (Advisory Board Member); a subtly adjusted version]

Alex W.: Hi Bene, what’s up? How are you?

Benedikt H.: Hi Alex, nice to meet you! I’m pretty good – enjoying the weather here in Munich!

Alex W.: How did you become a member of TEG?

Benedikt H.: Woah, that's actually a cool story. I'm from a small town in Bavaria, and I've always been fascinated by start-ups, but I didn't have people around me to discuss the business different ideas I had. Then I went to Munich and was looking for a student club for start-ups, and that's when I found TEG. I applied, and now I'm really, really happy to be a part of this great club!

Alex W.: Very interesting! What are you working on at the moment?

Benedikt H.: I'm currently working on our trustees' presentation. One of the special things about TEG is that we have trustees, meaning we have various individuals and companies that support us with funding. Once a year, we meet with them to discuss what we've accomplished and achieved throughout the year. Today is actually the day of this meeting, and I'm preparing the presentation for it.

Alex W.: Amazing! What do you like most about TEG?

Benedikt H.: What I like most about TEG is the diverse backgrounds of its members. We don't only have business administration students – our group is very diverse. We have aerospace engineers, mathematicians, English students, and even medical students, representing a wide range of fields of study. That's what makes it very cool, especially when aiming to start a company and needing knowledge from various areas – this diversity is incredibly valuable!

Alex W.: What has been the most impressive or enlightening experience you’ve had within TEG so far? Is there a specific experience that stands out to you?

Benedikt H.: The most exciting and enlightening thing for me has always been the exchange with our alumni. Many of them have successfully founded their own companies, work in strategy consulting or investment banking, or support other start-ups, for example as business angels. It's also fascinating to hear about their experiences at TEG from 20 years ago.

Alex W.: Which projects or events you’ve been a part of have brought you the most joy or presented the greatest challenges?

Benedikt H.: Of course, every event at TEG is a highlight for me. But I'm particularly looking forward to the onboarding events and getting to know the new members better so we can start new projects together.

Alex W.: What goals or visions do you have for the future of TEG? How do you see its role within the university or the community?

Benedikt H.: Around 20 to 30 years ago, TEG was one of the most significant student initiatives globally. We had numerous partnerships and sponsorships from German DAX companies, as well as international support from firms like McKinsey. We maintained several offices and were present at all relevant universities. Our current objective is to attain that level once more. Over the past two and a half years, we have laid the groundwork for this.

Alex W.: Can you give us some advice for new members?

Benedikt H.: Be open and have fun – TEG gives you a warm space for growing, learning and transforming your ideas into reality!

Alex W.: Great – thanks for the insights! Have a great day!

Benedikt H.: Thank you too! Bye!

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