7 Questions with Eileen Schneider x TEG

Today, we are interviewing Eileen Schneider, who serves as a Board Member and Head of Marketing. Eileen is currently studying English Studies at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and became a part of TEG in November 2022.

Discover her intriguing responses and experiences at TEG below!

[Alex W. (Team Member of the Marketing Department) interviewing Eileen S. (Board Member of the Marketing Department); a subtly adjusted version]

Alex W.: Hi Eileen!
Eileen S.: Hi Alex!

Alex W.: How are you?
Eileen S.: Good, thanks!

Alex W.: How did you become a member of TEG?
Eileen S.: I’m studying English, and there aren’t many people interested in start-ups and entrepreneurship in my circle. That’s why I wanted to connect with like-minded individuals, and that’s how I discovered TEG.

Alex W.: Great! Can you give us a glimpse of your week?
Eileen S.: Sure, so my week usually starts by answering messages via email or chat. Then, we have a board meeting where the board members from different departments gather to provide updates and discuss important topics. Later in the week, the marketing team meets to exchange updates, gain inspiration, engage in brainstorming, and more. In my free time, I meet with some members; we visit the English Garden, play golf, and enjoy various other activities!

Alex W.: Interesting! Is there any event you are specifically interested in / excited about?
Eileen S.: Yes, I always really like the onboarding events! First, seeing the students in the interviews and getting to know them a bit and then later on meeting them face to face during the onboarding is pretty cool and also feeling the excitement in the air is just great! So, I very much look forward to the next event.

Alex W.: Nice – great to hear! How did TEG influence your studies?
Eileen S.: In terms of my studies, not so much, except for my bachelor thesis. However, when it comes to personal development, I have learned a lot when it comes to leadership skills, strategic marketing, and execution. I view TEG as a start-up, and it’s a fantastic project to be a part of!

Alex W.: Amazing! Can you give us an insight on what you are working on at the moment?
Eileen S.: Yes, we have a rebranding plan. I actually have the first drafts here, but you’ll see them once they are live. It’s quite thrilling to be creative on the one hand and make smart, strategic decisions on the other.

Alex W.: Okay – nice! Can you give us some advice for new members?
Eileen S.: I’d say, be your authentic self! If you’re interest in starting your own business at some point: This is the place to be. You have the chance to try things out. So just do it!

Alex W.: Do you have an example for inclusion or diversity at TEG?
Eileen S.: I’d say I’m actually a prime example of academic diversity, at the very least, with a background quite distinct from other students here. It’s pretty cool because this diversity leads to various inputs and outputs overall.

Alex W.: Okay, great! Have a good day!
Eileen S.: You too – bye bye!

Watch the whole interview on our Instagram @tegmunich.

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