7 Questions with Ali Raza x TEG

Today, we are interviewing Ali Raza, who serves as a Board Member. Ali is currently finishing his Master's Degree in Management at the Technical University of Munich as well as his Honor's Degree in Technology and Management at the Center for Digital Technology and Management and became part of TEG in November 2022.

Discover his intriguing responses and experiences at TEG below!

[Marla J. (Team Member of the Marketing Department) interviewing Ali R. (Board Member); a subtly adjusted version]

Marla J.: Hi Ali, how's the day treating you?

Ali R.: Hey Marla, it's fantastic! How about you?

Marla J.: I'm feeling great too! Before we delve into TEG, could you share a bit about yourself and narrate the story of how you found your way into the TEG family?

Ali R.: Certainly, Marla. My name is Ali. Ali Raza. Originally from Pakistan, now pursuing my master's at TUM in Munich. The world of entrepreneurship always intrigued me, and my TEG journey began at an event called "Late at TEG." It was a rendezvous with startups, a whirlwind of ideas. The energy was contagious, and the next morning, with a newfound enthusiasm, I reached out to Bruno to figure out how to join. The spark ignited, and here we are!

Marla J.: What a cool start of the journey! As you embarked on your TEG adventure, what was your initial role, and what tasks did you find yourself immersed in?

Ali R.: Ah, the beginning was a burst of excitement! I started with internal events alongside Bene. Picture this: a vibrant team meeting in the office, brimming with motivation. My first assignment was organizing "Stammtische," regular gatherings where diverse initiatives could connect. It was a fantastic experiment – pitching TEG, exchanging ideas, and witnessing the magic of social capital. Those moments where everyone was so integrated, you couldn't differentiate between initiatives, remain etched in my memory.

Marla J.: That sounds like a dynamic initiation! Moving forward, any ongoing projects that you're particularly passionate about?

Ali R.: Absolutely! I've taken on the role of the board member for internal events, and currently, we're sculpting a program that transcends boundaries. The idea is to create a space where brilliant minds with diverse backgrounds can collaborate. It's a journey of exploration, where teams may birth a company or discover their seamless collaboration. We're set for the final pitch on the 18th of January – I extend a warm invitation to you to join us!

Marla J.: That's exciting! In three words, how would you encapsulate what TEG means to you?

Ali R.: Diverse, powerful, and transformative. TEG is the sanctuary for fearless experimentation and growth.

Marla J.: Those are powerful words. Reflecting on your TEG experience, any moments that stand out as truly impressive or unforgettable?

Ali R.: Amidst numerous small moments, the onboarding rituals stand tall. Witnessing both seasoned and new members come together, setting off a chain reaction of development, ownership, and the emergence of leaders – that's the magic of TEG!

Marla J.: It sounds like a transformative community. Looking towards the future, what does the roadmap hold for TEG?

Ali R.: TEG boasts a unique history as the oldest student initiative in Germany focused on entrepreneurship. After a dip in engagement, the past three years have been a dedicated effort to revive its essence. Our broader goal is to make TEG a beacon for those passionate about entrepreneurship in Munich – a triumphant comeback story in the making.

Marla J.: A compelling vision! Finally, any words of advice for future TEG members or those contemplating joining this vibrant community?

Ali R.: Certainly! Life often reciprocates the energy you invest. If TEG resonates with you, seize the opportunity to take more initiative. Treat it as a canvas for learning, a space for experimentation. Unlike a conventional company, TEG offers the freedom to explore diverse roles and projects. Immerse yourself, interact, start projects, and watch your ideas flourish within this nurturing space.

Marla J.: Thank you, Ali, for sharing your inspirational insights and inviting us into the dynamic world of TEG!

Ali R.: It's been my pleasure, Marla! The journey with TEG is truly something special.

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