TEG Recap November/ December 2022

Dear TEG trustees, alumni, members & friends,

as we are all approaching the last days of the year, we would like to look back on what sure was one of the most successful years in the club’s long history.

We started the year strong with the fresh enthusiasm of students who, for the first time, studied on-campus and in-person since almost two years. There are many events and activities to remember: The team trip to Frankfurt, the onboarding event, the company visits at EVI and MaibornWolff, the EY Workshop…

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You can find more detailed recaps in the last Newsletters :)

But we did not stop there. With the start of the new semester, we reignited the TEG application engine and increased our number of active members to 42. This means that the club is now bigger and stronger than it ever was before.

Here, a great thank you goes out to Maya and Bene, who joined the board in October and strongly delivered on their new responsibility. Olli and me are beyond happy to see the kind of effort they are putting into the club on a continuous basis and are looking forward to seeing them building the next generation of TEGgies.

This is our current board:

Maya Walcher - External Events

Benedikt Hetz - Internal Events

Oliver Sommer - Finance & Kuratorium

Bruno Polster - Marketing

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For an overview of our new members and further impressions, please check out this LinkedIn post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7005563855749697537

Our new (and existing!) members are already working on some exciting projects and events for the upcoming year, many of which will offer the TEG family the possibility to come together - so look out for invitations and Social Media Posts ;)

If you have not followed us already, please do so on Linkedin (https://www.linkedin.com/company/teg-ev/) and Insta (https://www.instagram.com/tegmunich/) to not miss out on events and activities.

Lastly and as always, we want to thank our alumni for supporting the club and our trustees from EVI, Rigeto and MaibornWolff, whom we especially want to thank for helping the club out with office space for events multiple times this year.

Thank you for staying engaged with TEG, we wish you happy holidays and a great new year. See you in 2023!

All the best

Bruno and the TEG Team

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