What offers TEG?

Many students ask us what it means to be involved in TEG. Besides fun through the commitment to a strong community you meet friends and business partners for life. You can broaden your horizon besides your studies and gain experiences that shape your future.


At TEG, students obtain the crucial skills to operate successfully in businesslife. For example, engineers will get insights into economic topics and economists will gain technical knowhow.

Through workshops, own projects, and business foundations, our members gain valuable experiences.

It doens't matter if you will become founder, employee, consultant, developer, analyst, cat or mouse - entrepreneurs will change the world!

Social activities

A student group also means club culture and fun in the team. Common challenges and success while studying binds people together. You meet life-long friends at TEG and enrich your everyday life. 

Many events and the exclusive TEG office offer the opportunity to establish social contacts with external and internal parties. Through club activities, such as cottage weekends, the members always have a reason to celebrate.

Strong community

TEG is a platform for students with various backgrounds. What unites us all is the desire to be entrepreneurial. At TEG, you find friends for life, future business partners, and support from a network of more than 300 members, partners, and alumni.

You have access to knowledge, contacts and skills of people who are very succesful in what they do. The TEG network helps each member to realize their goals.

Our goal

Transform you into a successful entrepreneur!

Why should I join TEG?

  • Important contacts for the time after university life

  • Learning professional-relevant skills

  • Commitment in TEG is highly career conducive

  • Get to know students from different disciplines

  • Use club resources for own projects

  • Lively club and fun

  • Integration into the TEG network with more than 300 entrepreneurs

Who should join TEG?

  • Students from all disciplines

  • People who want to commit to a student group

  • People who want to become entrepreneurs or who want to learn more about the topic

  • People who are willing to take responsibility

If you want to join TEG, please contact us via the contact formular. We will come back to!